Before and After pics – so far!!!!

Just thought I would upload some before and after pics trying to show what I have completed in the short time I have had the allotment. I must say that it feels to me like all I have been doing is digging, but after I now step back and look at what I have really done – I am pleased.

Before I really started to work on it.

Just about finished.

This was when I first started the allotment


Looking a lot better now!!!!


Last work and pics of 2013 completed!!! bring on 2014!!

We I have finished what I can do for this year, its been very wet lately and I have not been able to get as much done as I thought!!!! I did manage to get some ground weeded and cleared ready for the new year frost and I also finished the compost heap and built a new staging for the water butts to stand on. This was built to cover old ground which I would not have planted in anyway.

Well thats it – as 2013 almost ends – I am looking forward to getting back at it in the new year – if the ground stays either frozen or dry that it. Hope you all like the pics!!!!!! A few before and after pics so you can see and I can see what I have accomplished.


This was the Compost Heap before I finished the sides and top.

All finished – just waiting to fill it up!!!!

I placed a load of small paving stones in between the two sheds to make more hard standing and so the area would stay free from mud and weeds. I think it has turned out OK. here are the pics.

Before anything was laid.

Vert tidy indeed and free from mud

Close up of the finished paving.

Before I had built the water container staging

Staging finished – I think it looks OK. 

2013 Planting Progress

Well, I have taken a while to update my site with any progress so I have decided to update with the whole progress of 2013 so far. I have had a decent year with some good produce. The parsnips did not do any good at all and I had to dig them up, but everything else was fine.

The Parsnips above really were poor. They did not form ay all and I was disappointed to have to dig them all out after all the work I put into growing them at home first.

The Leeks have again this year really grew well. I have been getting comments on the size of them which makes me feel like I am at least doing something right!!!!!! See below the pic of the Leeks – by the way, the brand name for the Leeks is DURANT – I grew them on in a small greenhouse before planting out – but I did not do anythings special.


I have learned that Broccoli although grew quite well, has to be harvested as it grows and NOT leave it too late as I did and I had a lot of wasted heads. All in all I have had a decent year with a lot of learning to add. I hope you like the pictures of what I accomplished in the early and mid part of 2013.

Three rows of veg – Onions, Parsnips and Sprouts.

Potatoes really did grow very well indeed!!!!

Onions were the best this year!!!!

I did however manage to get some paving laid and some corrugated fencing put up to make the allotment look a lot better. The paving is a great addition. You can see the new path and fencing in the pics I have uploaded

My first year!!!!! Almost Done

Well, my first year is almost up and I would like to show you what I have achieved. I didn’t get to grow much in my first year due to the fact that I was always digging and weeding.

WE BUILT A NEW SHED!!!! It Looks great.

I did manage to get some Onions and potatoes planted and also some Leeks and Sprouts. Our family eat all the spuds and onions, but the leeks are doing rather nice if I say so myself – not to mention the sprouts in time for winter!!!! Check out my Leeks!!!! First time I have ever grown Leeks.

Sprouts and Onions – going well!!!

My sprouts are really going well now and cant wait to taste them!!!!

I still have a long way to go and even have a full half of the allotment to start on, but I am really looking forward to it. I don’t have any plans to plant anything new for the remainder of this year, just concentrate on digging and getting the land prepared for the next growing year.


Looking like a proper compost heap now.

I have completed a full page gallery with lots more pics of my first year – something to look back on when I am proper up and running.

Made more progress today – Yippppeeee!!

Another day and a bit more progress. Managed to get a few rows of spuds in and the ground sieved and weeded before I planted them. I have started to dig the opposite patch – slow and steady, not just turning it over this time, bur painstakingly taking out all the couch.

Just a few pics of what I did today for the record.

Started digging and turning over the opposite side – working the soil and forking out all that couch grass.


At Last!!!! finally started work on the plot

Well, my plot has now dried out enough for me to get down onto the land and start digging it over again. I started with an hour of burning wood on the part I am digging and turning the soil over close to the fire, weeding at the same time and throwing the weeds onto the fire. I plan to keep burning as I dig.

 I know it dont look like much at the moment, but at least I have now made a start and between work shifts and lighter nights, I hope to get something into the plot to grow. Possibly fill the whole place with potatoes which will help me to break down the soil.

Will keep you all posted as I continue.

This can not be for too long!!!!!

Well, days off and here comes the snow!!!!! Visited the plot today and thought, too cold to and ground too hard to turn over. But on the plus side, I have just got a nice 8ft X 6ft apex roof shed to be erected on the plot. Ho well, here are the pics I have taken of the ground – looks clean and tidy under that snow dusting.

Too cold to dig!!!!

Still too cold!!!!


Got started – At last!!!!

Well, I was wanting to start work early in this new year, but the weather has been terrible. Rain and more rain has left my plot soaking wet and waterlogged. A let up in the rain and the bad weather has meant that I have finally got to start turning the ground over again. Not a lot to see, but at least its a start – finally!!!

2012 finally gets started!!!

No work in December 2011!!!!! what a shame

Well, I didnt get to do any work on the plot in December like I said I would. With work and the bad weather and the copious amounts of alcohol during the holiday period, I feel I am now looking at 2012 to get the rest of the plot dug.

I am looking forward to getting back to it though!!!!! CANT WAIT!!

My last visit in November – colder weather to come!!!!

Well, I have made my last visit to Plot 68 for November as I have other commitments at work. I have been working hard weeding and digging and basically tidying the plot up a bit as we head towards the colder weather. Its gonna be real hard to get a lot of digging done when the colder frosted ground arrives.

I have uploaded the last pictures of the latest work to be done in November 2011 and this is my final visit.

Third squire!!

The progress made by Matthew digging out this third square was amazing!!!! He is going to get the whole thing dug over ready for the winter frosts!!!! Well Done!


Next visit will be December and onwards. Hope you like what progress I and Matthew have made so far with Plot 68 – Enjoy!!!!